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W. Karel, N. Pfeifer:
"Range camera calibration based on image sequences and dense comprehensive error statistics";
Talk: Three-Dimensional Imaging Metrology, San José, USA; 2009-01-19 - 2009-01-20; in: "SPIE Proceedings Vol. 7239, Three-Dimensional Imaging Metrology", (2009), ISBN: 9780819474896; 12 pages.

English abstract:
This article concentrates on the integrated self-calibration of both the interior orientation and the distance measurement system of a time-of-flght range camera (photonic mixer device). Unlike other approaches that investigate individual distortion factors separately, in the presented approach all calculations are based on the same data set that is captured without auxiliary devices serving as high-order reference, but with the camera being guided by hand. Flat, circular targets stuck on a planar whiteboard and with known positions are automatically tracked throughout the amplitude layer of long image sequences. These image observations are introduced into a bundle block adjustment, which on the one hand results in the determination of the interior orientation. Capitalizing the known planarity of the imaged board, the reconstructed exterior orientations furthermore allow for the derivation of reference values of the actual distance observations. Eased by the automatic reconstruction of the cameras trajectory and attitude, comprehensive statistics are generated, which are accumulated into a 5-dimensional matrix in order to be manageable. The marginal distributions of this matrix are inspected for the purpose of system identification, whereupon its elements are introduced into another least-squares adjustment, finally leading to clear range correction models and parameters.

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