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G. Molnár, G. Timár:
"Mosaicking of the 1:75 000 sheets of the Third Military Survey of the Habsburg Empire";
Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica, 44 (2009), 1; 115 - 120.

English abstract:
The original map sheets of the Third Military Survey of the Austro-Hungarian
Monarchy cannot be mosaicked in their original, printed form because of their uneven
trapezoid format. To make a digitized raster mosaic of the individual sheets, they all
should be georeferenced. Instead of the original projections, which vary from sheet
to sheet, a series of sinusoid projections was defined, one unique projection for each
sheet columns. The sinusoid projection provides an appropriate approximation of
the original trapezoid forms and size of the sheets. Each sheet were rectified in the
respective projection then reprojected to a general conic projection, defined for the
final mosaic. After all of those transformations, the transformed digital content of
the sheets fits to each other well enough to make a geo-referred mosaic. The location
parameters of the geodetic datum used for transformation to modern projection
systems are the followings: dX = +600 m; dY = +205 m; dZ = +437 m. These
figures gives exact fit at the fundamental point of Hermannskogel. Because of the
not unified geodetic adjustment of the original base point system, using one unified
datum causes a maximum error of 220 meters throughout the whole territory of the
Monarchy and the adjacent area on the maps.

archive maps; Central Europe; georeference; Habsburg Empire; Third Military Survey

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