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M. Doubkova, A. Bartsch, W. Wagner:
"Soil moisture from active microwave data for monitoring and modeling";
Talk: AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, San Francisco; 2008-12-15 - 2008-12-19.

English abstract:
Soil moisture content impacts land surface energy dynamics, regional runoff dynamics and vegetation productivity. Coarse to medium resolution data from active microwave instruments onboard satellites which are currently in space are able to provide such valuable information for operational use. Scatterometer (ERS, Metop ASCAT) can be applied on regional to global scale. ScanSAR systems are suitable for regional to continental monitoring and for the investigation of scaling issues. The original soil moisture derivation approach which was developed for scatterometer data (Wagner et al. 1999) has been transferred to ScanSAR data as the most important product of the ESA Tiger innovator project SHARE (Soil moisture for hydrometeorological application in the Southern African Development Community). The aim of this project was to provide soil moisture maps on a dynamic basis, freely accessible to user communities. Due to the successful implementation this service has been extended to other regions. Data from the ENVISAT ASAR instrument operating in Global Mode (1km resolution) have been used not only over the southern African subcontinent, but also over entire Australia and within other regional studies (e.g. Oklahoma, US; Lena Delta, Russia; central and eastern Europe). These time series in conjunction with the operational meteorological satellite Metop ASCAT provide a valuable tool for identification of soil moisture anomalies which relate to drought and flooding. Currently more than 250 registered users make use the free datasets provided by the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at Vienna University of Technology. Most recent results from validation activities, scaling analyses and modeling will be presented.

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