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G. Navratil, A. Frank:
"Expropriation in the Simple Cadastre";
Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research, 3 (2008), 3; 93 - 101.

English abstract:
In this paper we investigate the necessary interaction between expropriation and the cadastre. We investigate first the role of expropriation in modern society and the stake holders and then analyze the interaction with land registration and cadastre. The "simple cadastre" framework allows a treatment independent of national particulars. A simple cadastre is a minimal model that satisfies the needs of the users of the cadastre and abstracts from non-essential aspects, any national legislation is full of. In this paper we investigate how a cadastre supports expropriation and what the necessary interface is. We conclude that the expropriation procedures need access to registration data and a process to register a transfer of ownership effectuated by a court judgment, but no special arrangements that would only serve expropriation procedures.

Simple Cadastre, Expropriation, Process Analysis, Requirements

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