Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

G. Gartner, W. Hiller:
"Size matters: Correlation of limited presentation media size and the degradation of cognitive representations of space";
Talk: 3rd International Joint Workshop on Ubiquitous, Pervasive and Internet Mapping (UPIMap2008), Shepherdstown, West Virginia; 09-10-2008 - 09-11-2008; in: "Electronic Proceedings of UPIMap 2008", (2008).

English abstract:
Wayfinding and navigation can be supported nowadays by automated systems that continously compute
and display usersīs position in the environment. Most likely the clients for LBS and mobile navigation
systems are mobile phones, mobile computers or similar compact equipment. Such devices have usually
a very restricted size and format of the display.
In this paper the influence on the acquisition of spatial knowledge and on the deformation of the mental
model of the user in relation to the display size of the medium for presentation is tackled. For these
purposes an empiric test was implemented. Thereby the acquisition of spatial knowledge based on a
navigation system on a small-format digital device with a common paper map is analysed. The test
includes wayfinding tasks as well as general orientation tasks and reconstruction of spatial knowledge by
sketch maps and questionnaires.
The results proves the hypothesis, that there is a correlation between size of media and degradation of
spatial knowledge acquisition, significantly. Details of results will be presented in the paper.

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