Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Millonig:
"The Way We Walk - Classifying Pedestrian Behaviour for Customised Mobile Information Services";
Coordinates (invited), Iv (8) (2008), 17 - 20.

English abstract:
Mobile tools for wayfinding combined with Location Based Services (LBS) can provide pedestrians with practical information concerning optimal routes and useful facilities in their vicinity. However, what is considered as "optimal" and "useful" largely varies between different kinds of individuals. Inappropriate information may hinder effective information extraction for a person seeking specific navigational and environmental information; a successful mobile spatial information service should therefore be based on a profound understanding of pedestrian spatio-temporal behaviour. A current study applies an "across-method" triangulation approach for studying human spatial behaviour, combining localisation and tracking techniques as well as inquiries concerning intentions, lifestyle attributes and socio-demographic characteristics in order to define a pedestrian typology of mobility styles.

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