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A. Bartsch, M. Gude, S.D Gurney:
"A geomatics-based approach for the derivation of the spatial distribution of sediment transport processes in periglacial mountain environments";
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 33 (2008), 2255 - 2265.

English abstract:
Within this paper modern techniques such as satellite image analysis and tools provided by
geographic information systems (GIS) are exploited in order to extend and improve existing
techniques for mapping the spatial distribution of sediment transport processes. The processes
of interest comprise mass movements such as solifluction, slope wash, dirty avalanches
and rock- and boulder falls. They differ considerably in nature and therefore different
approaches for the derivation of their spatial extent are required. A major challenge is
addressing the differences between the comparably coarse resolution of the available satellite
data (Landsat TM/ETM+, 30 m 30 m) and the actual scale of sediment transport in this
environment. A three-stepped approach has been developed which is based on the concept
of Geomorphic Process Units (GPUs): parameterization, process area delineation and combination.
Parameters include land cover from satellite data and digital elevation model
derivatives. Process areas are identified using a hierarchical classification scheme utilizing
thresholds and definition of topology. The approach has been developed for the Kärkevagge
in Sweden and could be successfully transferred to the Rabotsbekken catchment at Okstindan,
Norway using similar input data.

geomorphological modelling; mass movements; land cover; satellite imagery; geographical information system

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