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T. Shirabe:
"Containing a Moving Object in a Network";
Talk: Representation, Analysis and Visualization of Moving Objects, Dagstuhl, Germany.; 2008-11-02 - 2008-11-07.

English abstract:
A problem of relocating a group of mobile points (or pursuers) to contain another mobile point (or evader) in a network is considered. It is assumed that it is known where the evader is located at the outset and where it can be at any time later, but not where it will be. An example is initial deployment of police officers in response to a 911 call. There often exists no such strategy that guarantees to contain (and then catch) the evader, because the pursuers are not many enough. Thus this paper presents a heuristic approach, which is based on a simple integer programming model, that seeks a possible relocation of the pursuers by a specified time that minimizes "the degree of containment," i.e. the number of nodes the evader can reach earlier than any pursuer.

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