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G. Molnár, G. Timár, B. Székely:
"On the georeference of the Lazarus map (1528) of Hungary";
Geodézia és Kartográfia, 60 (2008), 26 - 30.

English abstract:
The Tabula Hungariae (1528) by Lazarus is perhaps the most researched item
of the Hungarian map inventory. The present work show the possibility of
the georeference of this map, covering the Pannonian Basin, using over six
hundred ground control points. Polynomial fitting to modern projection
systems eg. to the UTM34 zone provides a characteristic error of cca.
kilometers in linear, cca. 15-25 kilometeres in quadratic and even less in
cubic order. The errors are minimum at the points, where historical
astronomic measurements of the King Matthias time (second part of the 15th
century) were supposed, and maximum in the south-western part of the map,
at the Adriatic coast and in Bosnia. Irregulated triangulation network
fitting provides the best local fitting in many parts of the maps,
and sometimes enables to identify the old settlements to archaeological

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