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T. Podobnikar, B. Székely:
"An attempt for automatic detection and visualization of talus cones from digital elevation data";
Poster: Second international conference on cartography & GIS, Borovets (invited); 2008-01-21 - 2008-01-24; in: "Second international conference on cartography & GIS", Proceedings, 2 (2008), ISBN: 978-954-724-038-0; 151 - 159.

English abstract:
The importance of methods for automated feature extraction from digital elevation data is increasing as the amount of data to be processed multiplies in size. Landscape elements can be extracted from the data if the common characteristic parameters can be identified and an effective searching algorithm can be found to identify the feature.
In our approach we focus on actively evolving slopes in alpine areas, where sediment redeposition takes place in response to postglacial processes. Scree-covered valley slopes, oversteepened at places, may become unstable in long-term due to the active geomorphic evolution. Mass movements, partly induced by seismic activity, may cause significant damages, therefore automated delineation of talus surfaces is importance for assessment purposes.
In our pilot study we developed tools for automatic identification of scree slopes based on sectorial analysis of slope histograms. The preliminary results are promising; however, the parameter selection can only be done yet manually.

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