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A. Frank:
"Semantically Valid Alignment in the "Semantic Web": The Problem of Grounding";
Talk: AGILE Worshop 2008, Girona, Spain; 2008-05-05 - 2008-05-08; in: "Pre-AGILE Workshop", M. Aufaure, E. Klien (ed.); (2008), 9 pages.

English abstract:
Integration of semantics is a precondition for the integration of data; efforts to integrate or align the semantics expressed in various ontology languages are reported in the literature. The approaches are characterized by the assumptions they make about the known commonalities between the two (or more) sets of classes, described by the ontologies to align, but no-one can proceed without some known common elements in the ontologies. Explicitly introducing the distinctions that differentiate between the classes reduces the number of common concepts that must be established before alignment. A few classes describing water bodies in three languages are used as an example.

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