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A. Frank:
"Information Processes Produce the Imperfection in the Data - The Information Infrastructure Compensate for Them";
Talk: Spatial Data Handling 2008, Montpellier France; 2008-06-23 - 2008-06-25; in: "Headway in Spatial Data Handling", A. Ruas, C. Gold (ed.); Springer, LNG&C (2008), ISBN: 978-3-540-68565-4; 467 - 486.

English abstract:
Data quality descriptions consider the imperfections found in geographic data. These imperfections are caused by imperfect realizations of the processes that are used to collect, translate, and classify the data. The tiered ontology gives a sensible framework to analyze the data processes and the imperfections they introduce. Decision methods using the data are adapted to some of the imperfections and compensate for them. Additional methods to reduce negative effects of imperfections in the data on decisions are used when necessary.

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