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M. Lechthaler:
"The world image in maps: Earth presentation in maps from the Old Ages to Mercator";
Talk: Cartography & Art - Art & Cartography, Wien, TU Wien; 2008-01-31 - 2008-02-02; in: "Cartography & Art - Art & Cartography", W. Cartwright, G. Gartner, A. Lehn (ed.); (2008), Paper ID 31, 19 pages.

English abstract:
Studying the aborigines´ "dreamtime"-maps or 16th century engravings from Dutch cartographers, one can lose herself in their beauty. Casually, cartography is a kind of art. Visualization techniques, precision and compliance with reality are of main interest. The centuries of great expeditions led to today´s view and mapping of the world. This article gives an overview on milestones in the history of cartography, from the old ages to Mercator´s map collections. Each presented map is an artwork acting as a substitute for its era making us relive the circumstances at that time

history of cartography, big inventions, topographic maps, cartographic visualization, maps as an artwork

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