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G. Fallahi, M. Mesgari, A. Rajabifard, A. Frank:
"An Ontological Structure for Semantic Interoperability of GIS and Environmental Modeling";
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 10 (2008), 342 - 357.

English abstract:
Service oriented architecture in a distributed computing environment, with loosely coupled geo-services is a new approach for using GIS services in environmental modeling. The messages exchanged must follow a set of standard protocols which support syntactic interoperability, but do not address application semantics.
This article proposes a layer-based ontology with additional layers for describing geo-services, especially the measurement units used. The paper gives an ontology of measurements for describing the input and output of field-based geo-services and a core ontology of geo-services containing the domain concepts. An upper ontology adds new general concepts to an existing ontology in order to achieve an agreement between geo-service developers and environmental modelers. The layer-based structure is the building block for discovering geo-services that support semantic interoperability in GIS and environmental modeling.

GIS, Geo-service, Semantic Interoperability, Ontology

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