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G. Retscher, E. Mok, L. Xia:
"UWB, RFID and GNSS Integration for Navigation and Tracking";
Poster: 4th International Symposium on Location Based Services and Telecartography, Hong Kong, PR China; 2007-11-08 - 2007-11-10; in: "4th International Symposium on Location Based Services and Telecartography", (2007), 12 pages.

English abstract:
Wireless technologies such as Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can nowadays be used in positioning to supplement GNSS positioning in areas with bad satellite visibility (e.g. in urban canyons and transition zones between outdoor and indoor). For the integration with GNSS an approach based on the "Minimum Range Error Algorithm" (MRERA) developed by Mok and Lau (2001) can be employed. This approach uses range measurements to ground based transmitters or base stations together with GPS pseudorange observations for obtaining a position fix of the mobile user. The concept is described in paper. Furthermore tests of UWB und RFID positioning in outdoor environments are presented. In the case of UWB an outdoor test bed at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus has been selected. The test show that positioning accuracies on the dm-level can be achieved. For RFID positioning the deduction of ranges from signal power levels is discussed and has been tested in a suburban environment. The ranges can usually be determined with an accuracy of half a meter. The deduced ranges are then used to calculate the position of the user with trilateration or for the integration with GNSS pseudoranges and ranges to UWB base stations.

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