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G. Retscher, E. Mok:
"Testing of Location Systems using WiFi in Indoor Environments";
Coordinates, III (2007), 10; 6 - 11.

English abstract:
The use of WiFi for location determination has the advantage that no transmitters or receivers have to be installed in the building like in the case of infrared and ultrasonic based location systems.
In particular the comfortable and mobile access to the internet were here the driving factors. Access points can nowadays be found in our daily environment, e.g. in many office buildings, public spaces and in urban areas. Parallel to this development there is meanwhile substantial interest in offering the user information which refers to the current location of the user (so-called Location Based Services LBS). Such Location Based Services, however, will be accepted by the user only if the cost performance ratio is satisfactory. If existing infrastructure such as WiFi without additional hardware installation can be used for location determination, then the realization costs are small and the service can be offered under attractive conditions. Several systems are nowadays available for location determination using WiFi signals. Their major application is the location determination of persons and objects inside buildings.

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