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H. Duong, R. Lindenbergh, N. Pfeifer, G. Vosselman:
"Error Analysis of ICESat Waveform Processing by Investigating Overlapping Pairs over Europe";
Talk: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2007, IGARSS 2007, Barcelona, Spain; 2007-07-23 - 2007-07-27; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2007, IGARSS", (2007), 4 pages.

English abstract:
Full waveform laser altimetry is a recently developed
method to obtain a complete vertical profile of the height of
objects in the footprint as illuminated by a laser pulse. The
richness of the signal also complicates the processing. One way
to improve the processing strategy is to analyze differences
of waveforms that should be very similar because they were
obtained at approximately the same time and location. Such
waveform pairs are still difficult to find. Here it is shown how
to use the archive of ICESat space-borne altimetry data over
Europe to determine a set of tenths of thousands of at least
partial overlapping waveform pairs. The differences in the values
of the waveform parameters, median energy, waveform extent,
relative returned energy and intensity distribution are determined
and discussed. As a case study, three typical pairs of almost
perfectly overlapping waveforms are shown, were considerable
differences are still occurring. In all three cases an explanation
for these differences is found and discussed. Further analysis of
the waveform pairs in this database is expected to considerably
improve automatic processing of full waveform data.

laser scanning, ALS, full waveform, error analyses

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Project Head Norbert Pfeifer:
Vegetationsuntersuchungen mittels full-waveform Laserscanning-Daten (KE 2008 offen)

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