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A. Bartsch, W. Wagner, K. Rupp, R. Kidd:
"Application of C and Ku-Band scatterometer data for catchment hydrology in northern latitudes";
Talk: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2007, IGARSS 2007, Barcelona, Spain; 2007-07-23 - 2007-07-27; in: "IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Conference 2007, IGARSS 2007 Proceedings", (2007), 4 pages.

English abstract:
Spatially continuous soil moisture information is on
high demand globally. A database which is available from active
microwave data (ERS scatterometer, C-band, 50km) has been
assessed over two large basins (Mackenzie and Lena) in northern
latitudes. This information was combined with snowmelt patterns
which can be derived based on diurnal thaw-refreeze of the
snow cover from a further scatterometer (Quikscat, Ku-band,
25km). Relative soil water information has been averaged over
each basin and compared to discharge measurements for the
summer periods 1996-2000. A correlation (logarithmic function)
of 0.78 is observed for the Lena basin. The Mackenzie is much
more complex and thus the relationship is less obvious. This is
also reflected in the snowmelt data. Whereas 80% of basin area
undergoes melting at the same time in the Lena basin in 2000,
at maximum 40% can be observed for the Mackenzie during the same year. Maximum runoff in the Lena basin is observed when snowmelt ceases for the entire basin. This is delayed by three weeks for the Mackenzie although increased runoff can be observed already after 70% of the basin is snow-free.

scatterometer, catchment hydrology

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Project Head Wolfgang Wagner:
Globale Ableitung des Bodenwassergehaltes aus C-Band Scatterometer Daten

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