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Z. Bartalis, W. Wagner, V. Naeimi, S. Hasenauer, K. Scipal, H. Bonekamp, J. Figa, C. Anderson:
"Initial soil moisture retrieval from the METOP-A Advanced Scatterometer";
Geophysical Research Letters, 34 (2007), L20401.

English abstract:
This article presents first results of deriving relative surface soil moisture from the METOP-A Advanced Scatterometer. Retrieval is based on a change detection approach which has originally been developed for the Active Microwave Instrument flown onboard the European satellites ERS-1 and ERS-2. Using model parameters derived from eight years of ERS scatterometer data, first global soil moisture maps have been produced from ASCAT data. The ASCAT data were distributed by EUMETSAT for validation purposes during the ASCAT product commissioning activities. Several recent cases of drought and excessive rainfall are clearly visible in the soil moisture data. The results confirm that seamless soil moisture time series can be expected from the series of two ERS and three METOP scatterometers, providing global coverage on decadal time scales (from 1991 to about 2021). Thereby, operational, near-real-time ASCAT soil moisture products will become available for weather prediction and hydrometeorological applications.

soil moisture, scatterometer, METOP, ASCAT

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Project Head Wolfgang Wagner:
Globale Ableitung des Bodenwassergehaltes aus C-Band Scatterometer Daten

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