Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Raubal, S. Winter, S. Teβmann, C. Gaisbauer:
"Time Geography for Ad-Hoc Shared-Ride Trip Planning in Mobile";
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 62 (2007), 366 - 381.

English abstract:
Ad-hoc shared-ride trip planning in an urban environment is a complex task within a non-deterministic transportation network.
Mobile geosensor networks provide the technical environment for realizing ad-hoc shared-ride trip planning: Network nodes are
autonomous agents that interact locally by ad-hoc short-range communication and arrange for shared rides. In a mobile geosensor
network, communication costs are critical because of constraints regarding bandwidth, available energy, and memory. This paper
introduces spatio-temporal concepts from time geography, which can be employed during the planning process to significantly reduce
communication costs. We will integrate network-based algorithms and different wayfinding strategies to assist both shared-ride
clients and hosts in finding optimal travel assignments. Multi-agent geosimulation in a real street network is used to demonstrate the
applicability of the approach and quantitatively confirm the theoretically foreseen reduction in communication costs.

Trip planning; Mobile geosensor networks; Time geography; Network algorithms; Agent-based simulation

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