Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Haberler-Weber, M. Huber, T. Wunderlich, C. Kandler:
"Fuzzy system based analysis of deformation monitoring data at Eiblschrofen rockfall area";
Journal of Applied Geodesy, 1 (2007), 1; 17 - 26.

English abstract:
n 1999 a rockfall occurred at the Eiblschrofen, near Schwaz (Tyrol, Austria). Immediately after this event, a monitoring system consisting of GPS, geodetic and geotechnical sensors was installed in this area. The data of this different group of sensors are now for the first time analysed together within a hybrid assessment tool. This tool shall imitate the knowledge and decision making process of a human expert looking at different data. Therefore a fuzzy-based approach is chosen to implement the assessment tool. The paper describes the situation at the Eiblschrofen area, the monitoring system as well as the first implementation steps for the fuzzy-based assessment tool.

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