Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

A. Eichhorn:
"Tasks and newest trends in geodetic deformation analysis: a tutorial";
Talk: 15th European Signal Processing Conference - Eusipco 2007, Poznan, Poland (invited); 2007-09-03 - 2007-09-07; in: "Proceeedings of the 15th European Signal Processing Conference (Eusipco) (CD)", M. Domanski, R. Stasinski, M. Bartkowiak (ed.); (2007), ISBN: 978-83-921340-2-2; 5 pages.

English abstract:
Within the last years a fundamental change took place in the methodology of geodetic deformation analysis. High sensitive sensor networks enable the installation of area-wide monitoring systems and require new methods for modelling of measuring errors. The classical stochastic view is extended to fuzzified approaches quantifying remaining uncertainties in the error budget. In addition the geometrical deformation analysis dealing with kinematic displacement fields has changed to cause-response models which also quantify monitored trigger events like temperature, wind etc. One challenge is to find deformation transfer functions for complex structures. In this context also AI-methods are trained and used. The paper will give a brief overview over the current state of the art and newest developments in geodetic deformation analysis.

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