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A. Ullrich, M. Hollaus, C. Briese, W. Wagner, M. Doneus:
"Utilization of full-waveform data in airborne laser scanning applications";
Talk: Defense and Security Symposium 2007, Orlando, FL, USA; 2007-04-09 - 2007-04-11; in: "Proceedings of SPIE: Laser Radar Technology and Applications XII", 6550 (2007), ISBN: 9780819466723; 65500S-1 - 65500S-12.

English abstract:
Direct detection laser radar systems with echo signal digitization and subsequent full waveform analysis provide additional information on the target's properties compared to conventional discrete echo systems. We focus on the advantages of utilizing the additional information especially in the course of airborne laser scanning, improving for example the mandatory process for classifying the measurement data for generating high-quality digital terrain models. We present field data to demonstrate the superiority of full-waveform data over conventional laser data.

Laser Radar, LiDAR, Airborne Laser Scanning, Full Waveform Analysis, Digital Terrain Models

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