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A. Bartsch, K. Scipal, P Wolski, C. Pathe, D. Sabel, W. Wagner:
"Microwave remote sensing of hydrology in southern Africa";
Talk: Göttingen GIS & Remote Sensing Days, Göttingen; 2006-10-04 - 2006-10-06; in: "Global Change Issues in Developing and Emerging Countries", Universitätsdrucke Göttingen, Göttingen (2007), ISBN: 978-3-938616-93-2; 269 - 277.

English abstract:
ScanSAR systems such as ENVISATs ASAR Global Mode allow monitoring of dynamic processes at medium resolution. Hence they are especially useful for monitoring hydrologic processes such as soil moisture and inundation dynamics. In this paper we present two studies which investigate the capabilities of ScanSAR ASAR Global Mode (1 km resolution) on the southern African subcontinent. One study focuses on the monitoring of the Okavango delta, Botswana. Temporal and spatial dynamics for the year 2005 have been investigated on approximately monthly time steps. The second study, SHARE, aims at enabling an operational soil moisture monitoring service for the region of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) by using ASAR Global Mode data in combination with ERS/METOP scatterometer data to build a synergistic 1 km soil moisture product. In this study ASAR Global Mode data is used in two ways: First it is used directly to retrieve soil moisture information using a simple change detection algorithm; Secondly, a scaling layer is defined which allows enhanced interpretation of coarse resolution (25 km) scatterometer data.

Southern Africa, satellite radar, soil moisture, wetlands, monitoring

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