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G. Retscher:
"Test and Integration of Location Sensors for a Multi-sensor Personal Navigatior";
The Journal of Navigation, 60 (2007), 1; 107 - 117.

English abstract:
In the work package "Integrated Positioning" of the research project NAVIO (Pedestrian Navigation Systems in Combined Indoor/Outdoor Environements) we are dealing with the navigation and guidance of visitors of our University. The start points are the public transport stops in the surroundings of the Vienna University of Technology and the system user should be guided to certain office rooms or persons. For the user´s position determination different location sensors are employed, i.e., for outdoor positioning GPS and dead reckoning sensors, such as a digital compass and gyro for heading determination, accelerometers for the determination of the distance travelled, a barometric pressure sensor for altitude determination and, for indoor areas, location determination using WiFi fingerprinting. All sensors and positioning methods are combined and integrated using a Kalman filter approach. An optimal estimate of the current location of the user is obtained using the filter. To perform an adequate weighting of the senors in the stochastic filter model, the sensor characteristics and performance were investigated in several tests. The tests were performed in different environments either with free satellite visibility, in urban canyons or inside buildings. The tests have shown that it is possible to determine the user´s location continuously with the required precision and that the selcted sensors provide a good performance and high reliability. Selected tests results and our approach will be presented in the paper.

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Project Head Georg Gartner:
Fußgängernavigation in Gebäuden und im städtischen Umfeld

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