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A. Reiterer, M. Lehmann, J. Fabiankowitsch, H. Kahmen:
"A 3D Measurement and Analysis System for Quality Control supported by AI-Techniques";
Poster: XXIV General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics 2007, Perugia; 2007-07-02 - 2007-07-13.

English abstract:
In the FWF project P18286 "Multi-Sensor Deformation Measurement System Supported by Knowledge Based and Cognitive Vision Techniques" a new kind of image-based measurement system will be developed. This system is able to detect un-signalised object points by means of appropriate algorithms - the procedure is divided into three main steps: image pre-processing, automated point detection and interactive point filtering.
This system is based on new techniques (originally developed in the area of Artificial Intelligence) which shall be used for the task of deformation measurement, analysis and interpretation. Examples for such techniques are knowledge-based systems, cognitive vision and image understanding methods and case-based reasoning.
We report on the state-of-the-art of such new measurement systems, their functionality and development stage.

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