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P. Rautek, A. Reiterer, M. Gröller:
"Caricaturistic Visualization of Deformation Data Based on High Density Point Clouds";
Poster: International Conference on Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques VIII, Zürich; 2007-07-09 - 2007-07-12; in: "Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques VIII", A. Grün, H. Kahmen (ed.); Volume II (2007), ISBN: 3-906467-67-8; 234 - 241.

English abstract:
Modern deformation monitoring techniques offer possibilities to measure and analyze deformation
processes in detail. There are various different sensor systems on the market that can be used in
these application fields, each having specific features in terms of accuracy, robustness, user
interaction, operational range, measurement speed and frequency, resolution, or other relevant
parameters. The selection of an appropriate sensor system for a particular application is not trivial.
In recent years research on image-based measurement systems and laser scanners has gained
increasing interest - in many cases a combination of different sensors has advantages over a singlesensor
system (e.g. different accuracy and reliability classes, different measurement range, etc.).
The point clouds produced by such systems potentially consist of a vast number of points. One of
the main problems concerning the analysis and interpretation of deformation measurements is the
visualization of the data respectively of the underlying deformation. In this paper we present the
application of the recently developed caricaturistic visualization method to deformation data based
on high density point clouds. Caricaturistic visualization depicts the deformation data in an
exaggerated way. The exaggeration of the deformation accents subtle deviations and supports the
viewer for the correct interpretation of the underlying deformation. We show results for facade
deformation data as well as for landslide data.

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