Contributions to Books:

S. Maass, M. Jobst, J. Doellner:
"Depth Cue of Occlusion Information as Criterion for the Quality of Annotation Placement in Perspective Views";
in: "The European Information Society, Leading the way with Geo-Information", S. Fabrikant, M. Wachowicz (ed.); Springer, Berlin, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-540-72384-4.

English abstract:
In cartography and computational geometry, concepts and tech-niques for automated label placement have been developed for two-dimensional maps. Less is known whether these methods can be applied to annotate geovirtual 3D environments. In this paper we discuss the applica-tion of these methods within geovirtual 3D environments and investigate the effects that can possibly harm the information transfer. To achieve high quality labeling readability, visibility, and the unambiguous correlation to the reference have to be ensured. Illustrated by examples, we show that perspective attributes inherently encoded in a depiction have to be consid-ered as well. In particular, we focus on overriding occlusion information by added annotations and the impact on the complexity of the cognition process. A user test verifies our hypothesis that this disturbance is actually noticeable by users.

Annotation, Labeling, Depth Cue, GIS, Perspective Views, Geovirtual Environments

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