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M. Lechthaler, A. Stadler:
"The meaning of cartographic spatial data geovisualization in a multimedia interactive atlas infoirmation system";
Kartografija i Geoinformacije, Zeitschrift der Kroatischen Kartographischen Gesellschaft, Zagreb., 1 (2007), 7; 4 - 18.

English abstract:
Atlas Information Systems (AIS) are still in a development process. They largely deal with functionalities, but often do not concentrate on visualisation aspects. Sequentially, the solutions vary from pure GIS implementations without cartographic characteristics to systems that are simply based on scanned maps, ignoring the technical restrictions of the screen as an output medium.
Using legible map graphics in multimedia and interactive AIS (MI-AIS) which are adapted to the technical requirements of the output medium is one of the main criteria for user acceptance. Today, the MI-AIS has to present a hybrid system. A hybrid system is relying on cartographically improved map graphics suitable for both screen visualisation and high-quality printing. By establishing connections between the two media, a method for the production of adequate paper maps in a high graphical quality as an integral part of the system should be smoothed.
This paper discusses research results at the Vienna University of Technology (research group Cartography) concerning the topics mentioned above. It will focus on technical restrictions of the screen as an output medium, the adaptation of map graphics and interdependencies between resolution of the output medium and scale.
Map graphics for the screen and printing differ in visualisation depending on the output medium resolution. The same larger screen map graphics could be printed in an adequate smaller scale with a high map graphics quality. As an example, the usability of related map graphics for 1:250k screen visualisations and 1:1mio printing will be shown.

multimedia, interactivity, atlas information system, map graphics, visualization

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