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A. Bartsch, W. Wagner, K. Scipal, C. Pathe, D. Sabel, P Wolski:
"ENVISAT ASAR Global Mode capabilities for global monitoring of wetlands";
Talk: Proceedings of GlobWetland, Frascati; 2006-10-19 - 2006-10-20; in: "Proccedings of GlobWetland: Looking at Wetlands from Space", ESA SP-634, Noordwijk. (2006).

English abstract:
This paper elaborates on recent advances in exploitation of ScanSAR technologies for wetland related research. This comprises monitoring of inundation dynamics as well as time series analyses of surface soil wetness. In case of the ENVISAT ASAR instrument, data availability of the rather coarse Global Mode (GM, 1km) depends on request priorities of other competing modes but acquisition frequency is on average biweekly to monthly depending on latitude. Examples from boreal and subtropical environments show that there is a high application potential of ScanSAR data. Peatland types of the West Siberian Lowlands can be distinguished from each other and other land cover by multi-temporal analyses. The high seasonal and inter-annual dynamics of the Okavango Delta can also be captured by GM time series. In addition, relative soil moisture maps provide a valuable data source in order to account for external hydrological factors of this complex wetland ecosystem.

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