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K. Kraus, W. Karel:
"Quality Parameters of DTMs";
in: "Checking and Improving of Digital Terrain Models / Reliability of Direct Georeferencing, Official Publication No 51", issued by: European Ppatial Data Research (EuroSDR); European Spatial Data Research (EuroSDR), 2006, (invited), ISBN: 9789051794915, 125 - 139.

English abstract:
Quality parameters of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) are a hot topic today. This article presents both global and local quality parameters.
Using check points, global quality parameters are determined for a specific measurement technique, for instance airborne laser scanning (ALS), or digital stereo photogrammetry. They describe the whole area of interest with a few parameters only.
In contrary to global quality parameters, local ones describe the quality of a DTM at a high level of detail. The local parameters given in this paper describe the quality of each grid point of a DTM.
In section 6, an ALS project is confronted with a photogrammetric one in the same area through local quality parameters.

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