Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Reiterer:
"The development of an online knowledge-based videotheodolite measurement system";
Knowledge-Based Systems, 20 (2007), 73 - 85.

English abstract:
Videotheodolite measurement systems have been used in various surveying applications for several years. Unfortunately, most of such systems required artificial targets defining object points. To overcome this restriction the texture on the surface of the object can be used to find interesting points. However, well-trained ``measurement experts´´ are required to operate such a measurement system. In order to make such systems easy to use even for non-experts, we extend it by a knowledge-based component which supports the operator. We report on the architecture and functionality of the respective knowledge-based system, its development stage and the promising results obtained in experimentation.

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Project Head Heribert Kahmen:
Multi-Sensor Deformationsmesssystem

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