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C. Heipke, J. Oberst, J. Albertz, M. Attwenger, P. Dorninger, E Dorrer, M. Ewe, S Gehrke, K. Gwinner, H. Hirschmüller, J. Kim, R. Kirk, H. Mayer, J. Muller, R. Rengarajan, M. Rentsch, R. Schmidt, F. Scholten, J. Shan, M. Spiegel, M. Wählisch, G. Neukum et al.:
"The Hrsc Dtm Test";
Talk: ISPRS Technical Commission Symposium, Goa, India; 2006-09-27 - 2006-09-30; in: "Symposium of ISPRS Commission IV - Geo Spatial Databases for Sustainable Development", (2006), 15 pages.

English abstract:
The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) has been orbiting the planet Mars since January 2004 onboard the ESA Mars Express
mission and delivers imagery which is being used for topographic mapping of the planet. The HRSC team is currently conducting a
systematic inter-comparison of different alternatives for the production of high resolution Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) from the
multilook HRSC push broom imagery. Based on carefully chosen test sites the test participants have produced DTMs which have
been subsequently analysed in a quantitative and a qualitative manner. This paper reports on the results obtained in this test.

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