Contributions to Books:

G. Gartner, P. Jordan:
"Ausstellungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft und ihrer Vorgängergesellschaften";
in: "Österreich in der Welt - die Welt in Österreich. Chronik der Österr. Geographischen Gesellschaft 150 Jahre (1856-2006)", I. Kretschmer, G. Fasching (ed.); Österreichische Geographische Gesellschaft, Wien, 2006, ISBN 3-901313-14-6, 313 - 334.

English abstract:
Exhibitions or related activities to present scientific issues have
played a changing role within the 150 years of existence of the Austrian Geographic Society. Within the terms of reference and articles of the Society the organization of scientific exhibitions is not listed explicitly as a activity and method. Therefore the history of exhibitions related to the Society is also a history of the engagement and ambitions of members and especially presidents and other board members. In principle a classification of activities related to exhibitions can be summarized as follows:
- Temporary exhibiting objects during presentations at the Monthly
Assemblies (Monatsversammlungen) (1856-1914)
- Economical presentations (1915-1955)
- The exhibition "100 years Francis Joseph Land 1873-1973" ("100 Jahre
Franz-Josefs-Land 1873-1973")
- The large exhibition "Mountains, deserts, ice" ("Berg, Wüsten, Eis")
at the 125 years celebration 1981
- The Society as a supporter of large exhibitions (1984-1992 and 2003)
- Own exhibitions as a new mode of presenting the Society (1997-2004)

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