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W. Cartwright, M. Peterson, G. Gartner (ed.):
"Multimedia Cartography, 2nd edition";
Springer, 2006, ISBN: 3-540-36650-4; 546 pages.

English abstract:
The explosion of interactive multimedia products on CD-ROM and the Internet, via the World Wide Web, has generated an immense interest in these products. The approach to producing interactive multimedia mapping products is quite unique and there has been an upsurge of interest in developing methodologies that best exploit both the technology and communication effectiveness of multimedia mapping. The various sections of this book cover the theoretical backgrounds, applications and future developments of Multimedia Cartography.
This second edition of Multimedia Cartography includes updated applications areas that are Internet-focussed. Since the release of Edition 1 in 1999 the focus of the delivery of Multimedia Cartography applications now includes the World Wide Web and mobile services, as well as discrete media. New chapters in the book reflect this. As well, the book includes additional chapters on 3D applications and Virtual Reality applications.

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