Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

I. Matter:
"Possibilities of individualisation of the selection of settlements in cartographic communication processes";
Supervisor: G. Gartner, S. Uhlirz; Institut für Kartographie und Geo-Medientechnik, 2003; final examination: 2003.

English abstract:
This thesis examines the possibilities of individualisation within the cartographic communication process, considering settlement selection as example. It is assumed that with the help of knowledge and assumptions about the map user, the efficiency of cartographic communication can be enhanced.
In order to obtain an individualised map, the map user has to be defined in a first step. This is carried out with the help of user modelling techniques. With several different methods, which are introduced in the paper, information about the user can be gathered and the user can be modelled into user classes. Furthermore, this research project examines, in what sections of the map compilation the user has influence on and what parts of the settlement selection process can be individualised. In order to maintain the characteristic of a displayed area and the purpose of legibility of the resulting map, certain settlements need to be included in the map necessarily. Other than that, can be individual selected according to the map-reader. So this results in different cartographic representations for different users. This theory is supported and proved by an example. The geographical and statistical data used for the example represent Australia. For several different user types different maps are generalised. The results lead to different maps for the different user types. So the hypothesis of the possibility of individualising the settlement selection process in order to enhance cartographic communication is corroborated.

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