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G. Retscher:
"NAVIO - An Intelligent Multi-sensor System for Pedestrian Navigation in Combined Outdoor/Indoor Environments";
Talk: Seminar of the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea (invited); 2006-10-16.

English abstract:
In the research project NAVIO (Pedestrian Navigation Systems in Combined Indoor/Outdoor Environements) conducted at the Vienna University of Technology we are working on the development of modern intelligent navigation systems and services for pedestrian navigation and guidance. For continuous position determination in combined indoor and outdoor environments a multi-sensor system is employed. Used sensors include a single frequency GPS receiver, a dead reckoning module including a gyro and digital compass for the determination of the direction of motion (i.e., heading) of the pedestrian and accelerometers for travel distance measurements as well as a barometric pressure sensor for altitude determination. In addition, for location determination in buildings the use of WiFi fingerprinting and RFID is currently investigated. The presentation will focus on the location determination in indoor and urban areas. Recent performance test results in a WiFi localization testbed are presented. Furthermore the integration of all sensors using a new multi-sensor fusion model based on an extended Kalman filter that makes use of knowledge-based systems will be discussed. Finally recent test results of the sensors employed in the NAVIO project conducted in the city of Vienna in the surroundings of our University will be presented.

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Project Head Georg Gartner:
Fußgängernavigation in Gebäuden und im städtischen Umfeld

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