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G. Retscher:
"NAVIO - Integration of GNSS with Other Sensors for Pedestrian Navigation";
Location Magazine (invited), 1 (2006), 9-10.

English abstract:
GNSS is nowadays used in our daily environment. Apart from popular vehicle navigation systems, navigation systems have become mobile and may be integrated into mobile devices and cellular phones. Location determination of a user is also very important for Location-based services. As GNSS have limitations in urban environments and for location determination in buildings, other sensors should be integrated in a reliable navigation system. For continuous positioning of a pedestrian other suitable location technologies include indoor location techniques based on WiFi, UWB or RFID and cellular phone positioning as well as dead reckoning (DR) sensors (e.g. magnetic compass, gyro and accelerometers) for measurement of heading and travelled distance and a barometric pressure sensors for altitude determination. These sensors have been integrated into the pedestrian navigation system NAVIO developed at the Vienna University of Technology.

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Fußgängernavigation in Gebäuden und im städtischen Umfeld

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