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M. Haberler-Weber, M. Huber, C. Kandler, T. Wunderlich:
"Advanced monitoring concept for the Eiblschrofen rockfall area";
Talk: EGU (European Geodsciences Union), General Assembly 2006, Wien; 2006-04-02 - 2006-04-07.

English abstract:
In 1999, a large rockfall occurred at the Eiblschrofen near Schwaz (Tyrol, Austria). Due to the imminent threat for the inhabitants, some geodetic and geotechnical sensors were immediately installed at the top of the Eiblschrofen. Moreover, three dams were built at the foot of the mountain to protect the buildings, which had to be evacuated directly after the rockfall.
After some years of operation, a renewal of the monitoring concept proves necessary now. This is supported by a diploma thesis, which is carried out as a cooperation between the Technical University of Munich, the responsible surveyers operating on site and the Vienna University of Technology.
The presentation gives details of the current knowledge regarding the Eiblschrofen rockfall as well as an outline of the newly arranged monitoring concept.

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