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T. Pellarin, J.C. Calvet, W. Wagner:
"Evaluation of ERS scatterometer soil moisture products over a half-degree region in southwestern France";
Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 33 (2006), L17401; 1 - 6.

English abstract:
This paper investigates the ERS Scatterometer soil moisture products precision over a half-degree region in Southwestern France. Based on a high resolution soil moisture simulation (1kmē) validated at the local scale, the ERS-scat product is assessed at its own resolution (about 50x50 kmē). The study points out the suitable quality of the surface soil moisture product (root mean square error equal to 0.06 m3m-3 for a 4-year period) and assesses the retrieved root-zone soil moisture accuracy provided by a semi-empirical methodology exclusively based on surface soil moisture products.

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Globale Ableitung des Bodenwassergehaltes aus C-Band Scatterometer Daten

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