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A. Reiterer:
"A Semi-Automatic Image-Based Measurement System";
Talk: ISPRS Commission V Symposium - Image Engineering and Vision Metrology, Dresden, Germany; 2006-09-25 - 2006-09-27; in: "International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences - Volume XXXVI; Part 5", H. Maas, D. Schneider (ed.); Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Dresden University of Technology, Vol. XXXVI; Part 5 (2006), ISSN: 1682-1750; 260 - 265.

English abstract:
Image-based measurement systems have been used in various surveying applications for several years. Unfortunately, most of such systems required artificial targets defining object points. To overcome this restriction the texture on the surface of the object can be used to find interesting
points. However, well-trained "measurement experts" are required to operate such a measurement system. In order to make such systems easy to use even for non-experts, we extend it by a
knowledge-based component which supports the operator. Automatic decision making can be done on the basis of features extracted from the images; we use histogram and Haralick features.
We have conducted extensive experiments with the knowledge-based system on about 120 pictures showing different kinds of buildings. The system yields good results and shows a reasonable performance. The relative small number of necessary rules would permit to implement the
whole knowledge base as a embedded system in the videometric system. We report on the architecture and functionality of the respective knowledge-based system, its development stage and the promising results obtained in experimentation.

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