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M. Jobst:
"Cartographic 3D Models";
in: "International Handbook Military Geography", R. Mang, H. Häusler (ed.); Arbeitsgemeinschaft Truppendienst, Ministery of Defense, Austria, Wien, 2006, ISBN: 3-901183-50-7, 299 - 307.

English abstract:
Digital 3D representations of modelled objects and landscapes offer high precision and enormous detail of their content, which is basic for documentation and analysing aspects, but creates difficulties in distribution, perception and knowledge transfer. Especially for the transmission of geospatial information, cartography provides some rules and techniques to avoid information overload and support spatial understanding. This article touches on the main aspects of cartographic 3D visualisation, its importance in the cartographic communication process and the main composition elements for a 3D application.

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