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A. Reiterer:
"Object Monitoring/reconstruction with automated image-based measurement systems";
Talk: 3rd IAG Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering & 12th FIG Symposium on Deformation Measurement, Baden; 2006-05-22 - 2006-05-24; in: "3rd IAG Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering, 12th FIG Sympsoium on Deformation Measurement", H. Kahmen, A. Chrzanowski (ed.); (2006), ISBN: 3-9501492-3-6; 10 pages.

English abstract:
The increasing number of objects involved in deformation processes in highly populated areas has increased the demand for rapidly working and easily usable deformation and measurement systems. This demand is associated with a higher degree of automation of monitoring, analysis and interpretation. There are various different sensor systems on the market that can be used for object monitoring. During the last years, research in the area of image-based measurement systems has gained an increasing interest. Unfortunately, most of such systems required artificial targets defining object points. To overcome this restriction the texture on the surface of the object can be used to find interesting points. However, well-trained "measurement experts" are required to operate such a system. In a complex image-based measurement system, the selection of suitable sensor units or suitable measurement modes is a highly non-trivial task. To make the measurement system easily applicable even for non-experts, it can be extended by a suitable decision support system. The following paper presents such a automated image-based measurement system currently under development.

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