Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

A. Bartsch, J. Jansa, M. Schöner:
"Snow Monitoring by Classification of Spot XI and Radar Satellite-Images";
Poster: Alpine Glaciology Meeting, München; 2006-02-23 - 2006-02-24; in: "10th Alpine Glaciology Meeting 2006", KfG, Kommission für Glaziologie der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, München (2006), 53.

English abstract:
The karst waters of the Hochschwab, Schneealpe and Rax massivs (Eastern Alps) feed major springs used for water supplies by the Viennese Waterworks.

Within the KArst waTER research projekt (KATER II) an interdisciplinary team of geologist, hydrologists and speleologists tries to locate areas of increased vulnerability within the catchment of the springs. A snow model investigates the influence of the snow pack on the runoff, which is mainly not at the surface, but goes into the subsurface karst aquifer, and has impact to both the quality and quantity of the water at the springs. The snow model has been calibrated by means of SPOT XI images and radar data. Remote sensing and photogrammetry also contribute data for the snow model, eg. the DTM and vegetation mappings. Some automatic cameras were installed and an observation of snow patterns by Monoplotting is planned.

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