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M. Jobst et al.:
Talk: International Symposium of CIPA, Turin; 2005-09-26 - 2005-10-01; in: "International cooperation to save the world´s cultural heritage", (2005), 871 - 875.

English abstract:
Present metrological procedures enable detailed recording and documentation of archaeological sites, architecture or cultural heritage
(CH). These recorded and archived data, most of them with spatial relation, are aimed to represent the basis for rebuilding in case of
destruction, digital data exchange for the support of scientific discussions or common understandable presentations for the shaping of
cultural awareness in the public. These objectives and visions presume an effective data administration, systematic data access and
most notably the integration of on-site documentation and findings.
One possibility for systematic data access and information presentation in case of CH, due to an existing spatial relation, could be
cartographic processing methods, which would combine visual data and information extraction, generalisation and simplification of
data according to used presentation-media and support with multimedia components in digital presentations for an effective and
common understandable information transfer.
The focus of this work is on a comparison and evaluation of digital processing/presenting methods of spatial related models used in
interactive cartographic applications in context with the influence on sustainable documentation and appreciation of on-site findings.

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