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C. Ressl:
"Reconstruction of the Pegasus Statue on Top of the State Opera House in Vienna using Photogrammetry and Terrestrial and Close-Range Laserscanning";
Talk: Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques VII, Wien; 2005-10-03 - 2005-10-05; in: "Optical 3D Measurement Techniques VII", H. Kahmen, A. Grün (ed.); Research Group of Engineering Geodesy, Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, TU Vienna, Vol. I (2005), ISBN: 3-9501492-2-8; 40 - 49.

English abstract:
This article describes the surveying work and the creation of a 3D model of a Pegasus statue, which builds the basis for a static analysis. The supporting legs of the statue were surveyed with the close-range laser scanner Minolta VIVID 900. Approx. 45 individual scans were required to cover each leg. The rest of the statue was surveyed with the terrestrial laser scanner Riegl LMS-Z420i with 8 individual scans. The surveying of the statue using these two laser scanners is particularly interesting because the statue represents a rather `small´ object for a terrestrial laser scanner, whereas for a close-range laser scanner it represents a rather `huge´ object. With the aid of photos of the statue, the relative orientation between the different laser data was determined in the course of a hybrid bundle block adjustment. Finally from the oriented data a `waterproof´ 3D model of this complex statue was derived.

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