Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

M. Thienelt, A. Eichhorn, A. Reiterer:
"WiKaF - A knoweledge-based Kalman-Filter for pedestrian positioning";
Talk: 3rd Symposium on Location Based Services and Telecartography, Wien; 2005-11-28 - 2005-11-30; in: "Location based Services Telecartography Proceedings of the Symposium 2005", G. Gartner (ed.); Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen der Studienrichtung Vermessungswesen und Geoinformation der Technischen Universität Wien, Heft 74 (2005), ISSN: 1811-8380; 99 - 103.

English abstract:
The precise, reliable and preferably everywhere available positioning of mobile users is a substantial precondition for the provision of location and situation based information by Location Based Services. Within these applications locating of pedestrians in `passive environments´ represents a special challenge. In this paper a new knowledge-based approach for the improvement of position quality is presented.

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