Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Jobst, B. Brunner-Friedrich, V. Radoczky:
"User Centered Cartography - Preparations for Ubiquitous Cultural Access";
Studies in Communication Sciences, 5/1 (2005), 93 - 110.

English abstract:
The technical progress during the last decades knocked down several borders in the context of efficient knowledge communication and spatially related information transfer. Some of these new technical possibilities result in a focus on pervasive and user-centered cartography, which may form a central toolbox for accessing cultural knowledge in a ubiquitous manner. This contribution discusses information management for cultural tasks, considers general aspects of knowledge acquisition and communication concepts that are relevant
for cartographic presentations, shows some evaluation on user behavior and mental maps and tries to classify users by their learn-types. This work aims at preparing a ubiquitous cultural access with the help of the cartographic methods. Therefore influencing parameters on the cartographic communication process should be identified and used for a more efficient knowledge transmission.

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