Contributions to Proceedings:

M. Haberler-Weber:
"A Fuzzy System for the Assessment of Landslide Monitoring Data";
in: "A Window on the Future of Geodesy", issued by: Fernando Sanso (Hrg.); Proceedings of the International Association of Geodesy, IAG General Assembly, Sapporo, Japan, 2003, ISBN: 3-540-24055-1, 95 - 100.

English abstract:
In many cases landslide areas can be divided into several blocks, which are moving with different velocities in different directions. So, if we are able to detect block boundaries, landslide monitoring can be performed more efficiently. The information about the relative movement of these blocks is a very important indicator for future movement behavior, if monitored very precisely at the block boundaries with continuously measuring geotechnical sensors.
To detect the boundaries of the blocks the following algorithm is used: the displacement vectors of the observed points (out of a geodetic deformation analysis) will be analysed by an affine coordinate transformation. The assignment of the observed points to the different blocks is done by an iterative algorithm; the thresholds for the several steps of the algorithm are calculated by a fuzzy system. The input parameters for this fuzzy system are e.g. the standard deviations of the transformations and strain parameters calculated from these transformation steps.
Finally, an example for application of this fuzzy system will be given.

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