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M. Lechthaler, C. Spanring, g. Katzlberger:
"Methodical concept of the atlas information system "ÖROK Atlas Online" -AIS Austria";
Talk: International Conference on GIS - Croatia, Zagreb & Opatija/Croatia (invited); 2005-09-05 - 2005-09-09; in: "Kerekovic, D. & GIS Forum - Hrvatski Informaticki Zbor (Ed.): Geographic Information Systems in Researche & Praktice, Part II", CD, (2005), Paper ID 3, 7 pages.

English abstract:
In the following article, after interpretation and evaluation of general characteristics of an atlas information system (AIS), conceptual considerations for the development of the ÖROK Atlas Online are presented. In the conception and realisation of this Atlas Information System - AIS Austria the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the Austrian Institute of Regional Planning have been involved. The system prototype should allow the cartographical visualization of different geometry and statistical data from the elementary geo-data pool in form of thematic maps, graphics, statistics and texts as well as queries of the data base. Further, analysis, exploration and monitoring of these data sets via map based graphical user interface for different user groups shall be possible. The primarily challenge and aim of the cartographic concept is the development of map graphic or rather of the cartographic design, which has to match with the output media. The restrictive-flexible user guidance in this interactive system takes responsibility of what is not accessible or useful in cartographic or semantical sense. Only in this case an atlas information system can support a meaningful cartographic communication.

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